Marine Corps League Seal

DuPage County Marines Detachment #399

Chaplain's Corner

The following members, their family, and friends of the detachment need our prayers:

John Schmitt, John Burlace, Read Rogers, Thomas Stuckey, John Finn, Allen Zenner, Vito Pogwizd, Helen Ehlers, John Olejnicki, Carl Baker, Robert Henry, Merrill Albertus and spouse, Gary Cobbett, Wayne Harrison, Brett Lauten, Richard Doria, Mike Mikulecky, Don Haines, Frank Jurek, Terry Owens, Vito Markas, Richard Nazimek and spouse, Roland Johnson and spouse, Gary & Gail Shilkaitis, Harper Orbell, Col Mark Smith, Charlie Castino, Kilyn Winquist, Sharon Passero, and Bob Henry.

If you know of anyone who should be added to this list, contact Chaplain Don Kenyon or the Commandant.

In Memory
Patricia Gilbert 27 June 2016 Mother of member Mike and Charlie Gilbert
Esther Phillips 26 June 2016 Sister of member John Meschi
Joseph F. Cantore 08 April 2016 Life Member
Eleanor Duka 30 March 2016 Sister of Member John Meschi
James F. Pierce, Jr 26 March 2016 Past Commandant
James Lucas 12 March 2016 Life Member
Elizabeth Gunther 11 March 2016 Sister of Member John Meschi
Kenneth Patzel 09 December 2015 Life Member
Michael Rebeck 09 November 2015 Member
Sandra Kenyon 01 September 2015 Niece of member Don Kenyon
Pat Pradel 29 August 2015 Wife of member George Pradel
Raymond Linder 01 August 2015 Past Commandant
Mary Ann O'Reilly 20 June 2015 Wife of member Ed O'Reilly
Mother of member Rita Kollias
Don Slapak August 3, 2014 Life Member
Today is 18 January 2020

Upcoming Detachment Meetings

28 August 2018 at 1900
25 September 2018 at 1900
23 October 2018 at 1900
27 November 2018 at 1900
22 January 2019 at 1900
26 February 2019 at 1900
26 March 2019 at 1900
23 April 2019 at 1900

Membership Meeting Address

VFW Post #2164
0N731 Papworth Street
Wheaton, IL